Reopening AND FAQs

After a long couple of months, we are excited to be able to open again!

Preparation to welcome you all back is now complete and safety measures are in place.

We ask you to please be patient and understanding to our staff and management as there will be quite a few changes to digest.

We have introduced booking services Snooker tables, We will also be introducing a ticket system for live events within the next couple of weeks this will help us manage the capacity during these times.

Thank you, 

Roundabout Club


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When is the roundabout club opening?

The Roundabout Club will be reopening on the Saturday 4th of july at 7:30pm.

How have you prepared for reopening?

We have throughly followed all goverment guidelines for COVID-19. Here are some of the measures we have put in place: -All staff have been trained in handling PPE. -Hand sanitizer stations have been installed at all entrances and toliets. -One way systems have introduced. -Queing barriers have been put in place for collection of drinks.

How will you keep the club clean?

We have staff clearing and cleaning tables and surfaces on a regular basis. We have use of a NHS sanitizer m/c and this will be operated daily.

Will your toliets be available for customer use?

Yes, There will be a max of two members permitted at any one time. This will be monitored.

Am I still able to use the smoking garden?

Yes, Smoking gardens have been set up for social distancing also vaping is an outside requirement.